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Ancient Culinary Traditions You Never Knew Existed, Until Now.


"Where lightning strikes, a truffle is born.”

Theophrastus (c. 371-287 BCE)

The Ancient Greeks were considered the first westerners to write about truffles and explore their origins and potential. Aristotle, the father of western physical science, was memorized by truffles. He meticulously cataloged their unique growing patterns, ethereal flavors, and other distinct properties.

Ever Heard of Mt. Olympus?

Greece may best be known for salty, thyme-scented coastlines and grilled octopus, but it is also a mountainous country with 30% forest coverage and truffle tradition spanning TWO MILLENNIA.

 Grecian Summer Black Macedonian Tuber Aestivum

Grecian Summer Black Macedonian Tuber Aestivum

 Greek Truffle Certification Stamp of Quality and Origin.

Greek Truffle Certification Stamp of Quality and Origin.

 Grecian Winter White Kastorian Tuber Magnantum Pico

Grecian Winter White Kastorian Tuber Magnantum Pico

Certified, Single-Source, Highest Quality

From the Helenic hands of Greece's forest to your plate, Eklekto Imports truffles come directly from the source. Once hunted, our world-class preparation facility prepares them for shipping to destinations globally. We are the importer of record: truffles are pulled from the earth and shipped directly to us.

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He Does It All

Peter is in charge of the day-to-day operations & education at Eklekto Truffles. Send an email? He'll respond. Need the impossible? He's three steps ahead. A sommelier and wine consultant based in San Francisco, he regularly travels the world seeking Hellenic Exports and other refined products for renowned restaurants and cellars.



They've Done It All

George & Sofia are the founders of Eklekto, the premier export company of Grecian food products. A husband & wife team based in Athens, they built the North American Campaign for Wines of Greece 15 years ago and are responsible for bringing some of Greece's most notable ancient food and wine traditions back to prominence. 

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