White Greek



From the Hellenic hands of Greece's forest to your plate, Eklekto Imports truffles come directly from the source. Once hunted, our world-class preparation facility prepares them for shipping to destinations globally. We are the importer of record: truffles are pulled from the earth and shipped directly to us.


White Spring Truffles

Tuber Borchii
Feb – May

Our white winter truffles are gathered from the Taygetos Mountain range in the southern Peloponnese at around 400 m. They are full of garlic aromas and a great wintery peak towards spring.


White Winter TruffleS

IN SEASON: Inquire to Order Direct.
$200 / OZ
Tuber Magnatum Pico

Sep – Jan

Our white Magnatums are the same exact same variety as the lauded Alba Truffle from Italy. These are gathered in the high elevations Kastoria in Western Macedonia. They are highly fragrant and posses those ethereal, sharp aromas that range from spring garlic and snap peas to more meaty notes like aged washed cheese. These flavors and aromas become any dishes main attraction.