Wild caper plants eek out of volcanic rock crevices all over the arid yet bucolic Santorini Island. Part of the Aegean Cycladic archipelago, these plants struggle to grow and offer very intense flavor. Uniquely, Santorini is the only Island to fully utilize not only the buds, but also cure and eat the caper leaves!

One of the most intense and flavourful tomatoes on earth grow out of the Volcanic soil on Santorini Island, Greece. It's part of of the Aegean Cycladic archipelago, and because of the arid climate and soils absolute vacancy of organic matter, these really struggle to survive.

Down at the southern end of the Peloponnese, between the first and second fingers of the peninsula, is the PDO Kalamata. Here, the marvelous olive, koroneiki, makes rich and flavorful olive oil. Koroneiki olives are small, but known to yield a large amount of oil per olive.